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About Le'moene

A lemon (or "Le’moene” as we Syrians pronounce it) is the essence of Syrian cuisine.  It is there in everything we eat or drink from main dishes to mazas, soups, drinks and even desserts.  A sliced lemon is a signature piece and a must-find in every Syrian’s refrigerator. Add it to olive oil and you will instantly have a magical cure to anything that can disturb your day.

Now in Amsterdam, Le’moene is offering a rare opportunity to sample real authentic Syrian delicacies.  All from closely guarded family recipes that has been passed down for centuries and now are carefully prepared for you by highly experienced newly arrived master chefs from Syria. 

We are part of Startup Kitchen and in a social collaboration with FAM Foundation. 



Opening hours

Monday - Friday
07:00 - 17:00

NEW! Online ordering

Online "Ordering Ahead" NOW enabled for lunch walk-in customers.  Just tell us what you want before coming in and we'll prepare it and have it ready for you to enjoy at lunch time.  

Simply press the "Table Reservation" botton and then place your order.  This way you don't waste time in ordering and you will have plenty of time to enjoy your lunch break.  All orders are manually confirmed by us directly.

We promise you an experience you would look forward to repeat the moment it ends.



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Food delivery in Amsterdam

Looking for authentic, delicious and healthy Syrian food delivery alternative in Amsterdam? Look no further, we are what you are craving for and much more..

When you want to get served like a prince, then food delivery from Le'moene will be your best choice.

Simply select "Delivery" at the checkout screen and we guarantee you'll appreciate our food delivery service.

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Zone 2, Min - €44,00, Fee - €5,00
Zone 3, Min - €75,00, Fee - €10,00